Georgian Construction

Commercial Janitorial Services

Commercial Janitorial Services

Georgian Construction is your partner in establishing a hygienic, secure, and friendly atmosphere for your institution or place of business.

We provide you with our devoted services that go beyond simple cleaning; we design settings that evoke comfort and confidence. We do this with a sincere dedication to excellence and trust.

You need a partner who comprehends your particular needs in today’s fast-paced environment, where your company’s performance can be considerably impacted by the appearance and cleanliness of your office.

Georgian Construction is more than just a service, we are also your trustworthy partners, working relentlessly to make sure that your facility shines in every manner.

Cleaning and maintaining buildings and Facilities

  • The goal of cleaning and maintaining buildings and facilities is to create a sense of freshness and calmness so that you can feel at ease and know that the area has been adequately cared for.
  • We are aware that each building is different and has specific requirements. Because of this, we offer specialised solutions. We can make it happen, whether you want routine cleaning to keep things looking wonderful or a particularly deep clean to revitalise your area.
  • We also take seriously our obligation to protect the environment. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions contribute to a better world while also keeping your space clean.

Carpet Cleaning

  • Trained and certified technicians with expertise in carpet cleaning techniques.

  • Knowledge of various carpet types and the right cleaning methods for each. To make your carpets look pleasant and clean, we clean them with unique techniques.

  • We can help make your carpets clean and comfortable, whether you want a routine cleaning or a deep one.

  • We utilise eco-friendly items since we are concerned about the environment as well.

  • Effective extraction to leave carpets clean, fresh, and residue-free.

Hard Surface Scrubbing

  • When we clean hard floors, we want your space to feel cosy and inviting.
  • We work hard to make your floors look super clean and beautiful.
  • Each floor is unique, so we use special methods to make them shine. Whether you need a regular clean or a big makeover, we’re here to help.
  • We offer hard surface scrubbing to provide your workplace with a thorough cleaning, leaving your space feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
  • State-of-the-art, industrial-grade scrubbing machines and tools.

  • High-performance cleaning solutions and detergents.

Stripping and waxing

  • High-quality floor finishes and sealants for long-lasting results.
  • Complete removal of old wax, dirt, and grime from the floor’s surface.

  • Application of multiple coats of fresh wax for protection and shine.

  • Suitable for various flooring types, including vinyl, linoleum, VCT, and hardwood.

  • Customized approach based on the specific floor material and needs.

  • Prolongs the life of the floor by providing a protective barrier.

  • Reduction in wear and tear, minimizing maintenance costs.

Ground Maintenance

  • Trained and experienced grounds maintenance professionals.
  • Ensuring a clean and tidy appearance year-round.
  • Installation and maintenance of efficient irrigation systems.
  • Use of eco-friendly products and techniques.
  • Regular maintenance contracts or one-time services available.

Asset Management

  • A team of skilled asset management professionals with industry knowledge.

  • Expertise in managing and optimizing various asset classes.

  • We provide a service that takes care of your company’s equipment and valuable items.

  • This means we ensure your things are in good condition and don’t cost too much to maintain.

  • With our expertise and specialised tools, you can focus on your core work while we handle everything to save your money and keep you compliant with rules and regulations.

  • Our team ensures that all your assets follow the necessary rules, so you can relax knowing everything is in order.

Sustainable Building Services

  • Integration of energy-efficient systems and technologies.

  • Incorporation of construction materials with a focus on waste reduction and recycling.

  • Sustainable building services are all about making buildings that are good for the environment and people.
  • Green building practices are like building in a way that doesn’t harm the Earth. We use materials that don’t pollute and save energy.
  • Making buildings this way also saves money.
  • When we use less energy, like turning off lights when we don’t need them or using special windows to keep the heat out, we spend less on bills. Which is good for the environment and saves money too. These eco-friendly buildings are also better for our health.

Day Porter Service

  • We Provide Your Building’s Everyday Caretakers With our day porter services, you don’t have to imagine having helpful caretakers for your building throughout the day—we provide them!
  • These friendly folks make sure your place stays clean, safe, and welcoming.
  • We’re like the everyday heroes who keep an eye on your space, making sure it always looks nice.
  • We clean up messes, fix small problems like broken lights, and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • But it’s not just about cleaning; we’re also there to assist people. If someone needs help or has questions, we’re like friendly guides.

Level 2 Disease Infection Cleaning

  • Our cleaning service is all about making sure your place is super clean and safe so that you don’t get sick from germs or diseases.
  • We clean everything thoroughly to keep you healthy.
  • Safe and thorough cleaning of areas contaminated with potentially infectious materials.

  • Utilization of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • We provide Level 2 infection cleaning services in the hospital with a heartfelt dedication to your safety and well-being.

  • Our team of cleaning experts goes beyond just cleanliness; we offer a compassionate touch, understanding the challenges you may face during your hospital stay. 

Standardised Operating Procedures

  • We provide our dedicated cleaning staff with clear and easy-to-follow instructions for each cleaning task.
  • We provide clear and simple step-by-step instructions for every cleaning job in each place we service.
  • Our team follows these instructions to make sure each place is sparkling clean and inviting.
  • These guidelines are like our cleaning playbook, approved by our management.
  • We take pride in our work and want every space to be at its best for everyone.
  • When you choose our cleaning service, know that we’re dedicated to keeping things clean and welcoming.